Why Traffic in Google Analytics is Slowly Declining

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Why Traffic in Google Analytics is Slowly Declining

When you create content or update your web pages, you want to see how it affects your traffic! Google Analytics is one of the best platforms to track web traffic. It is no secret that organic traffic can sometimes be a roller coaster, especially after algorithm updates from Google and other search engines. You may be monitoring your traffic in Google Analytics and wondering why it is declining – if so, this blog is for you! You may have noticed that your traffic has been dropping slowly and steadily, and there may be a number of reasons for that happening. This blog aims to explain why traffic in Google Analytics is slowly declining.

Due to the fact that there are many reasons why traffic in Google Analytics is slowly declining, there are also a number of possible ways to solve it!

Let’s dive into some of the main reasons why traffic in Google Analytics is slowly declining.

Reasons Why Traffic In Google Analytics May Be Slowly Dropping

Diagnosing traffic drops is one thing, but getting to the crux of the main problems that cause these drops is another thing entirely, and arguably, where we should be focusing our efforts in order to get to the right solution.

Monitoring traffic in google analytics

Site Neglect

We often talk about how consistency is key, for many elements of our website, and the truth is – it is absolutely important for quite a number of reasons. One of which is to ensure traffic doesn’t slowly decline.

As content and information on your site become less relevant and start to lose value over time, fewer people will visit your site. It really is that simple. 

To ensure that your site receives a steady flow of organic traffic, it’s essential to stay on top of it. If you are neglecting areas of your site, the likelihood is that you will see a slow decline in your traffic as people start to lose interest in your work.

Site neglect isn’t just putting a stop to posting blogs or new web pages but can also be small changes that you may be cutting corners with. Starting to skip adding metadata, for example, seems like a small ignorance, but can add up!

Solution: auditing your website frequently can help you stay on top of areas of your site you may be neglecting. Getting a general understanding of your site allows you to understand where you may be cutting corners and how you can ensure you aren’t neglecting your site and in turn, losing traffic.

Growing Competition 

This, although quite easy to lose sight of, can be a huge downfall in your traffic. The thing about creating a successful brand and website is that it is a marathon and not a sprint. Doing competitor analysis at the start of your business is great, but it is something you need to keep up to date with, especially as your traffic grows.

Growing competition can pinch your organic traffic – leading to a slow decline of traffic in Google Analytics.

Solution:  This might sound simple – but stay on top of your game! With a thorough SEO strategy and a consistent content marketing plan, you are more likely to stay at number one and beat those competitors.

SEO Standards

10 years ago the internet was a completely different place, and in the next 10 years, we can imagine that it will completely transform again. Google’s algorithm updates continue to come thick and fast, streamlining the way we produce content, update our websites and also the behaviour of our traffic.

The bar is constantly raised through changing SEO standards and it’s important to keep on top of algorithm changes.

What is seen as ‘peak performance’ continues to adapt and change.

Solution: Work with an SEO expert! Understand the numerous changes and updates when it comes to search engines, we understand, is really tough! Working alongside experts in SEO and digital marketing can help you keep on top of changing SEO standards and in turn, ensure that your traffic doesn’t slowly decline.

How GrowTraffic Can Help When Traffic in Google Analytics is Slowly Declining

The reasons we have highlighted in this blog about why traffic in Google Analytics is slowly declining are the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different reasons why you may be experiencing a slow decline in web traffic in Google Analytics – all of which GrowTraffic can help with!

At GrowTraffic, we know SEO. So understand those reasons why traffic in Google Analytics is slowly declining – but most importantly, we know how to help!

If you want to work with an SEO expert who can help stop your traffic from slowly declining, get in touch with our team!

You can call us today on 0161 706 0012 or email info@growtraffic.co.uk.

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