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Working From Home Tips From The GT Team

GrowTraffic Working From Home Tips

Are you looking for some working from home tips that actually work and will see you through?

The GrowTraffic team often work from home. As SEO and digital marketing gurus, we don’t often need to be all together in an office, so WFH fits our culture and lifestyles.

Seen as we are so expert, we thought we would compile our top working from home tips to help you guys and gals navigate this quagmire of uncertainty and get through the other side.

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Working From Home Tips From The GT Team.

First up, our MD, Rachel:

“Christ almighty, working from home is great until the kids are there. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it topped up next to your desk. Make sure it isn’t transparent though, so no one can tell you’re actually drinking wine instead of water.”.

Next up, Simon Dalley, Director.

“I only shower when I know I have a video call. That way, I am smelling great for whoever I’m zooming with.”

“I also find humming loudly and pacing around really helps me concentrate. Plus, it de-stresses me when Rachel is having one of her sessions”.

Chloe, one of our Content Marketing Execs says:

 “When I have a video call, I just pop a t-shirt over my pyjama top. Business up top, relaxation below.”

“As GT’s resident newsletter agony aunt, I also find watching a lot of day time TV helps get my creative juices flowing for when I have to answer the ridiculous ‘Ask Chloe’ questions that come through the letterbox.”.

 Elicia is our Head of Content Marketing.

She has consistently worked at home the most out of any of us so has a wealth of expertise in this area.

“You have to keep it fun. My partner and I like having water fights in the bathroom, or pretending we are cats. It helps to break up the monotony. I also have a lot of plants I enjoy talking to, I read extensively, and spend a lot of time arguing with people on social media.”

“Then from about 8pm, I really knuckle down and do a solid 8 hours of work.”.

Image of the GT directors for tips for working from home blog

Jamie is also a Content Marketing Exec

Jamie is the newest member of the team.

“Position your laptop near a window. That way you can have a nice look outside whenever the fancy takes you, as long as you don’t get overstimulated. Sometimes I enjoy a quick peek out the window at the moors as I snack on my usual rich tea biscuit and tepid water.”.


And finally, we come to Hannah, the most sensible, intelligent, and frankly, attractive, member of the team.

“Find a balance. Working from home allows me to have a work life balance I never thought possible. I work constantly and have no time to myself. I am single-handedly keeping GrowTraffic together whilst these lot fart around.”.

Real Working from Home Tips

If you haven’t figured it out already, April Fools! But you knew that, didn’t you!

Of course we don’t pretend we’re cats, spend our day looking out of windows or are permanently pissed. *nervous laughter*.

But we have always spent some time working from home, so to us, it is not the strangest thing about all this.

Here are our actual top working from home tips, and tips for managing people who are working from home.

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1) Manage Tasks Effectively

Figure out how long it takes you or your team members to do a task on average. That way you can be sure no one is doing too much or too little. We use a task management system so we have full visibility of where everyone is up to.

2) Communicate Officially

Make sure you are having full team video calls weekly just to keep everyone connected. Plus, it helps you check the wellbeing of everyone and make sure you are hitting targets and deadlines.

3) Communicate Unofficially

If you haven’t already, set up a group WhatsApp and allow a bit of unprofessionalism.

Our group chat is a constant source of fun and support. We share victories, commiserate defeats, pass around ridiculous memes, and mercilessly mock each other.

It has allowed us to forge an incredibly strong culture and friendship despite being flung across 2 counties and it is undoubtedly what will keep us together during these difficult days.

4) Allow Some Flexibility

Unless there is a desperate reason your team needs to be on the clock between set hours, accept that people will work when it fits into their life.

Home-schooling, restricted exercise times, anxiety, caring responsibilities, and the general shitness of it all are barriers to people’s productivity. Just remember it doesn’t really matter when the work is done, as long as it is done. Which brings us back to point one.

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GrowTraffic Are Supporting You

This is an absolutely awful situation for many businesses and people, but some silver linings are starting to appear. People are helping each other out and there are now gaps opening up in markets that weren’t there before.

If we can help you in any way, please do get in touch with us.

Whether you want to take advantage of our Covid 19 Business Support packages, fancy joining one of our free Facebook live sessions or want some training just get in touch.

Or, if you just fancy a chat and would like a soundboard, we are here.

You can email, which comes through to Rachel, Dalley and the wonderful Hannah or call 0161 7060012, which goes through to the same.

Or, email for Rachel, for Hannah or for Dalley if you prefer to go straight to one person.

Stay safe.

Lots of love, Rachel, Hannah, Dalley, Elicia, Jamie, and Chloe. x

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