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Working From Home Tips

We are living through unprecedented times and some businesses and people are working from home for the first time. It’s a big change to make, so, here at GrowTraffic, we have created some working from home tips for everyone.

Work Regular Hours

If you haven’t worked from home before it is very easy to find yourself working from early in the morning until late at night.

Apart from being unsustainable, it is bad for both your mental and physical health.

Try and work the same hours you do in your workplace, if possible.

If you do have to work outside of your normal hours, for example, if you have to look after children and end up catching with work in the evening then start a bit later the following day.

There are several time management apps you can download that will help you to try and stay organised and not do too much work.

Make Some Ground Rules

As boring as this sounds, unless you live on your own you will probably have to make some ground rules with the rest of the household for working at home.

If possible, create a workspace. We appreciate that not everyone has large houses and is able to do this, but if, for example, you can make your kitchen table into a workspace or set up a temporarily in a room it helps to separate work from home life.

If you do work from your sofa then it’s a good idea to let the rest of the household know that you are working.

It may seem daft, but if you have housemates or god forbid, the children are at home, they may end up interrupting or distracting you because you are at home.

Speaking from personal experience, a good pair of headphones helps, as my partner is homeschooling the kids for a few days in the other room…

It is also easy to get caught up doing all the chores because you are home and find that your work hasn’t been very productive.

Anyone who has worked from home will know that procrastination is your permanent co-worker and the washing up, laundry, that shelf that still needs fixing form 3 years ago, will all seem a more attractive proposition rather than doing your job.

Don’t end up acting like a businessman from the 1950s but don’t end up like a housewife from the 1950s either.

Take Regular Breaks

Along with working regular hours, it is vital that you take regular breaks. If you have an hour-long lunch break in the office, then have an hour-long lunch break at home.

This is one reason for creating a separate workspace, so you can physically leave it at lunch and do something else.

Similarly, make sure that you take regular screen breaks, have tea, coffee, snacks, interact with the people you live with (only as a last resort, of course, ha ha ha), anything to give yourself time away from the computer.

Make Sure Employees Have What They Need

This doesn’t just mean equipment like laptops, access to shared documents etc but mental health needs too.

Managers and supervisors need to make sure their employees are doing ok. Arrange times to check in with them that suit both of you.

As mentioned earlier, working from home can be more difficult to get used to than you think, and employees could get overwhelmed with the adjustment.

Speaking from personal experience again, especially if you are alone during the day when you work from home you can become isolated and not have the same outlet to connect with other people, resulting in a negative impact on mental health.

Simple things like arranging a WhatsApp group chat with your colleagues can help. Just like having a chat with colleagues at lunch at the office, it’s a chance to check in with colleagues, see if people are ok, have a laugh or have a moan.

Stop Working If You Are Ill

I am aware of the irony of writing this as I sit here with a cough, but if you aren’t well enough to work at home, then don’t.

Sure, if you have a mild cold or a headache you may feel well enough to work from home instead of a drive or commute to the workplace.

But don’t just soldier on if you are at home, sometimes if you stop work sooner when you are ill you will get better quicker too.

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