Working With Refugees In Lesbos

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Working With Refugees In Lesbos

If any of you have ever met our fearless and intrepid Copywriter, Elaine, you will know that she is a staunch supporter of Human Rights and that she stands up for those who are not able to stand up for themselves.

If you are also friends with her on Facebook, you might know that she has just returned from a week in Lesbos, where she has been working with refugees at the now infamous Moria Refugee Camp

When Elaine is not working at GT as an SEO Copywriter and Social Media Marketer (which is not often, because she works blinking hard!), you will likely find her at UCLAN in Burnley, where she is studying for the final year of her degree course. (Well, that’s when she’s not in the pub, of course!)  

This recent trip was part of that degree course, hence Elaine and her fellow uni students spent the week as volunteers, working with those refugees who are trapped in the limbo of a refugee camp, whilst they await the processing of their asylum claims.

As part of their work, Elaine and her colleagues helped to run art classes and similar activities to bring some much-needed light relief to the children and young adults who have fled their war torn country and are now trying to come to terms with their new life. 

All the team here at GT are incredibly proud of Elaine and the work she has done and we hope you will join us in giving her a huge pat on the back. And if any of you would like to know more or see the photos, you can contact Elaine directly on her email address at 

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