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Writing A Value Proposition For A Tech Brand To Help With SEO

In this GrowTraffic blog, we focus on writing a value proposition for a tech brand and outline how it can help with SEO.

What Is A Value Proposition?

A value proposition is an easy-to-understand promise of value that you as a company are going to deliver to customers.

In just a couple of sentences, this simple promise will assure your audience that you are going to solve the problem they have. A value proposition should give your audience a compelling reason to act. It should be unique to your company and jargon-free.

It is a key element of your business’s marketing strategy, laying the groundwork for the rest of your company’s marketing tactics.

A value proposition shows customers exactly why they should choose your business, whilst setting you apart from your competition. With a strong value proposition, you will be able to attract and convert the right customers far more easily.

Example Of A Value Proposition – We Buy Any Car

If you’re still unsure of exactly what a value proposition is, let’s take a look at an example.

We Buy Any Car is a car buying service with hundreds of branches across the UK. (I chose it for no other reason than I’d heard their ad on the radio earlier). Anyway… We Buy Any Car has a simple and easy to recognise value proposition. They promise to buy your car, regardless of make, model, age or condition, in a process that is as quick and hassle-free as possible.

They have built their whole business model around a specific target audience – people who want to sell their car quickly and without hassle.

They don’t claim to offer the very best price for your car. They don’t even claim to offer a necessarily good price for your car. They don’t talk about how much they care for their customers, or how many awards they have won. And they don’t claim to be the best car buying service.

So, how have they become the UK’s largest instant car buying service?

Well, it’s simple – Because they deliver on their promise.

Why Do Tech Brands Need A Value Proposition?

When you have a product or easy to understand service like We Buy Any Car, writing a strong value proposition is simple. But for tech brands, your value proposition isn’t as simple to explain.

In fact, it can be downright challenging. In a network of businesses that specialise in B2B services, it can be hard knowing how to differentiate yourself from a saturated crowd. But that’s why having a value proposition is so important.

Without it, there is nothing outlining why your tech brand is unique (because it certainly is unique!). A strong value proposition demonstrates that you understand your customers’ needs and that you promise to provide a solution to those needs.

It is the thing that is going to make your customers choose to work with your tech brand rather than your competition.

Writing A Value Proposition For A Tech Brand

Various strategies can be used for writing a value proposition. And there’s plenty of templates available online to help you.

To write a strong value proposition for your tech brand, you first need to outline the goals of your value proposition. These should look something like this:

  • To identify your customer’s pain point
  • To outline your service and provide compelling evidence that backs-up the benefits of that service
  • To outline why these benefits are valuable to the customer
  • To how this value directly relates to the customer pain point
  • To pinpoint why your tech brand is different from the competition

It can also be helpful to use the classic Five Ws and the H model to better understand why your audience should choose your tech brand above others. These might include:

  • Who is your target audience? How niche is the audience?
  • What is their pain point or problem?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What value do these services bring to your audience?
  • How can you solve the audience’s problem?
  • Why is your service different? What is your USP?
  • Why should the customer choose you?

Once you have outlined the goals of your value proposition and answered the questions above, you should have the information needed to create a 3 or 4 line, clear and concise promise to your customers.

If you are still struggling, our friends over at EC-PR provide a great value proposition template for tech brands.

How Will A Value Proposition Help With SEO?

As mentioned previously, a value proposition is a cornerstone for your marketing strategy. Once you have nailed your value proposition, you can expand on that promise through your marketing tactics.

A quality SEO and content marketing strategy can strengthen your value proposition and help you spread your brand’s promise to ensure it reaches your target audience at all stages of the buying funnel.

For example, you can create and optimise organic content, including blogs, videos, infographics and How-To guides based on keywords your target audience is searching for. You will find that by creating content based on the keywords and phrases used by your audience, you are addressing pain points and FAQ’s your potential customers have.

You can also create case studies that showcase your successful efforts and prove that your tech brand is delivering on the promise outlined in the value proposition.

You can also use social media to give your brand a voice that is in line with your value proposition. Using your social media channels, you can build an audience and push out the content you have created to back-up your value proposition.

Using your value proposition as the foundation for your SEO strategy will help you put your customers first, highlight the benefits of your tech brand, build audience trust and position your brand as a leader in its field.

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