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Yorkshire Content Marketing Agency Vs Lancashire Content Marketing Agency?

Ey up! Are tha looking fur a proper Yorkshire content marketing agency? Or do you need a Lanky speaking agency?

Of course, it shouldn’t matter where your content marketing agency is based – a good content creator can write in any style, dialect, or tone of voice. As a content marketing agency with offices in Yorkshire and Lancashire – both with ‘native’ speakers and a wealth of knowledge about their areas, it’s only natural we have wondered ourselves; is there a difference between our content writers between the offices? If so, is it of any benefit? And, seen as we’re a ‘northern’ content marketing agency collectively, how do we hold up against the boyos from down south?

Roses Rivalry

Luckily for our clients, GrowTraffic has forgotten about any battles for the throne of England and work together in perfect harmony. It’s easy to communicate with our Lancashire colleagues now we have telephones in South Yorkshire.

We do still like to argue over the name of round bread-based foods though.

a meme about bread

With experienced content creators on both sides of the Pennines, we’re adaptable and ready to meet any challenges that come out way. Creating content that works starts with listening – listening to you, what your brand has to say and most importantly; what your target audience wants to hear. That means us content writers must be flexible creatures who can get your tone of voice exactly right, then do it all over again for another client – it’s a skill a tell thi! Sorry, I slip into Yorkshire Extra™ when I get excited.

Basically, there is no difference between the work produced at our Yorkshire office and the stuff our web-toed cousins sorry…our Lancashire colleagues put out.

However, it’s hard to ignore that there are differences in the way we speak. I’m mercilessly ribbed for my ‘broad’ accent (hello, HR?), and sometimes my colleagues will go off on a tangent about some obscure local custom, only one born and bred in Lancashire would know about.

We can use these differences to our advantage though – we often have clients looking for a marketing agency with a local flavour, either because they like working with a local business or because they offer services and products in a certain geographical area and want their marketing to reflect that.

Being based in Yorkshire and Lancashire means between us all we have a wealth of knowledge about our local economies, what works or doesn’t, and what sort of content will resonate with people. We built GrowTraffic by appealing to businesses around us – we joined business communities, networked like crazy and now, many of the people we met along the way have become clients.

Going Down Sowf

It’s fair to say that if you’re looking for a content marketing agency in Lancashire or Yorkshire, then we’re a great choice but how do we compare against agencies from down south? Particularly London ones?

Marketing in general, not just content marketing has traditionally been seen as having its home in London. People assume creative and marketing work coming from London is superior, but it just isn’t true. London has a much higher concentration of agencies and therefore talent, but you can find equally good and better agencies in the north. We just aren’t all rammed into one square mile of a city.

I can’t write an impartial article on whether you should pick a northern agency over a southern one as I’m a little biased but there are things, we know for certain to be true about northern content agencies like ours.

We’re cheaper. Yep, no beating around the bush. We just are. Fewer overheads, lower living costs etc means our savings get passed onto clients. And you’re STILL receiving the same talent and creativity as you would if you were working with a London agency.

There’s also our famous northern ‘friendliness’ 😉

We think that filters into a lot of our work too…content tone of voice varies from client to client, but we advise almost all our clients to keep it less formal. Formal ways of speaking aren’t commonly found online as it can come across a little ‘cold’.

Northerners are also stereotyped as being very straightforward, direct, and plain speaking. Whilst that doesn’t apply to everyone…it does a lot of us. At GrowTraffic we pride ourselves on our extremely honest approach with clients – no bullshit as our MD, Rachel likes to say.

Looking For A Content Marketing Agency In Lancashire Or A Content Marketing Agency In Yorkshire?

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