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You Can Now Crosspost Reels From Instagram To Facebook

Instagram yesterday announced three new updates/features, the most anticipated is the ability to crosspost Reels from Instagram straight through to Facebook.

In addition, you will also be able to access more detailed insights about your Reels performance on Facebook. The third update is the addition of an ‘Add Yours’ sticker (more on that later)

Instagram Reel Facebook Crossposting

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announces the new features in the video below.

The ability to crosspost Reels to Facebook has been anticipated for a while – you may have noticed you see Reels on Facebook quite a lot? These usually have to be posted separately, but the new update means you will now have the option to post Reels on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

The new updates were announced in a video on Twitter by Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri:

With the new update, the next time you post a Reel, you should get a message asking if you want to post to Facebook too – you also have the option to automate this process in future, just like you do with pictures.

Facebook also had their own update on Reels earlier this week – they added the ability to schedule Facebook Reels using Meta Creator Studio.

Reels On Facebook Insights

The next new feature is enhanced analytics on how your Reels are performing on Facebook. Data such as audience reach, and average watch time will help you improve your content for Facebook.

The next new feature is the addition of an ‘Add Yours’ sticker to Reels (just like stories). This will encourage and make it easier for people to engage with Reels and make their own Reels in response.

Does that sound like Instagram just really wants you to use Reels? Well, yes, they do. It’s no secret that Instagram is moving away from its original concept of an image-based platform. You may have noticed influencers and content creators steadily moving towards making more Reels and positing fewer photos on their grid…at least the ones that are conscious of their reach.

It’s worth keeping yourself up to date with these latest Instagram updates, especially if you are a marketer or social media manager.

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